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You say you want help...but you also say you're choosing to lose so much weight your ribcage sticks out, so I'm thinking there's some part of you that definitely does NOT want this. Even if you can find very few things about your appearance that you like, think how much worse off you can be. And besides that, think how much more you have to be proud of besides how you look, which is a very minimal part of who you are. It's perfectly fine to want to have a great, skinny body. But why would you want to be so skinny you can see your bones? If you want to improve your appearance, that's not the way to do it. Overly skinny is as bad as obese- it doesn't look good and it's unhealthy. Food isn't a demon, it keeps you alive.

You need to realize that being skinny isn't anything. In fact, it means very little. It will mean a lot more if you learn to love yourself than it will for you to fit in a size 0.
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