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hi i a bit curious??
Im 14, 5.1ft i have blonde and black pubes above my penis but not much,i have none on my sack,my penis changes all the time,sometimes its not erect and bout 4in and other bout 2.5in?my balls are sometimes go small but can go really big but my voice has starting breaking,i am starting to get legs hair have quite hairy knees lol,i hav some hair above my lip and i seem to get hard-ons over nothing i hav never tried to masterbate but when i was watching porn a while ago i had some runny clear stuff coming out of my penis is this ejaculating?? can anyone tell me whats goin on, i mean i think its stating puberty but can help to give me a better understanding? also i i have a girlfriend,shes a bit more mature than me but she really outgoing(if u get wot i mean)she wants to give me a blowjob but do u you she will expect laugh at me? btw im 4.2in when im erect

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