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Exclamation blah i dont know what to do

*sighs* i dont know what to do.

i posted a thread not to long ago, but got hardly any helpful responses.

but now its different and yeah.....

ok, so like i said in my last thread, i like this girl...shes my ex of like, 4 times? but the last time she thought i cheated on her and never let me talk to her again about it, so now we're just friends who eat lunch together and walk to class together, but i still like her a lot, she plays around, she teases me once in a while, so i dunno how she feels that much

now, theres another girl i like, ive known her since 6th grade and shes pretty awesome, she moved mid-6th grade year but moved back this year. ive been told by numerous people that she liked me in 6th grade, and yeah she was my 6th grade crush (but we never went out unfortunately) ive been told that she likes me by some of her friends but im not sure

its tempting to ask one of them out but i dont know which one, i like both of them, i like the 1st girl more, but then i still like the other.

what should i do?