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Default Stressed About Height

hey , im just been stressed so much about my height everyone around me seems like giants. i just turned 17 and am only 5'6 , i think im a late bloomer i only just got armpit during the last year
ive always had alot of hair on my legs and arms
i have a bit of upperlip hair and on my chin.
my penis is also small i wud say 4 inches at most and i only started masturbating during the last year (try not to but get alot of urges at least once a day)
and weight only 112 llbs (i eat quite abit as well)
so im wondering whats wrong with me , will i grow anymore?, i feel so stessed
, i try no to think about it and just enjoy but i just feel awkard standing around people same age and younger who are alot bigger
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