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Default Re: wat type do u wear?

Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
Ok, let me start this over, i think i misread your question... I have no idea if different underwear constricts or increases penis growth. I wear boxers and my length is average.
It doesn't! Why would it? Your underwear shouldn't be tight. If it is, buy a bigger pair.
And also, why are you replying if you have no idea?

Now see, underwear is just's just cotton...It doesn't restrict your growth. When you get bigger, you need to buy bigger clothes. If you buy something that fits you, how could it restrict growth that much?

If you're so worried about a piece of folded cotton affecting you, then think about shoes. They're made out of rubber, and spandex, and plastic, and whatever. Don't you think that those will restrict your growth more than wearing a piece of cotton over your feet would?
Well shoes don't affect your growth. Know why? You buy a bigger pair when they're too small for your size. They don't constrict your feet anymore.

The only way that shoes or briefs would stunt your growth or affect your growth is if they're so tight that they start hurting AND you wear them for long periods of time. Then you need to buy a new pair
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