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Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
This is a very touchy situation. At that age, i would go with everyone else when i say that its mostly wrong. But at a higher age like 14 or older, and if you and your brother are really close siblings and are both willing, then i guess its ok to, experiment...I don't know exactly how to put this...maybe i can use an example... Ok, so maybe if you and your brother are really close and best friends, then its ok to do some personal things together, like maybe takes showers together. I don't know if you think thats disgusting or alright, but thats my example. But oral sex is still sex and doing that with your bro is incest, sorry. But then again, "helping" him masturbate and vise versa isn't exactly sex, just masturbation, so that shouldn't be considered incest. (And by "helping" him, mean using your hands, not your mouth...)

no, no no...NO!

Sexual contact of any type between older sibs is especially destructive! Always. There's simply no excuse for it! Siblings that are 'close' can come up with many other ways of expressing themselves and sharing with their clothes on!
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