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Default Re: Late developing, depression

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
you will eventually catch up
Good advice AJ!

As i look around, i've never, ever seen anyone over 35 who was still pre pubescent. So, with time and patience you'll be just like every other guy on the planet.

Until then, i can make two mecommendations: First, talk with your doctor about your concerns about size, those bumps, and the tightness. He can examine you, provide you with info and reassurance, and treat whatever he can. I wouldn't worry about circ too much, though. Unless you cannot urinate or get an erection he'll likely try alot of other, non surgical treatment which usually work.

The other recommendation I can make is one my Dad the Shrink says alot: 'Go out and enjoy your life'. Which I think means find something else to do while you're waiting for the things to happen that bother you to change but have no control over. Focus on the things that give you pride and pleasure, remember that you're more than just your worries and problems.
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