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Default When are these little attaks going to stop?

Do i just have to wait untill he hits me again so that its a "real" threat?
when is this going to fucking change.

I get a call today, obviously from my brother.
"You left the fucking phone off the hook, i was suppose to go to the fucking cottage with my friends, if they've left already You're fucking DEAD"

"ryan YOu know what dad said about any more threats, do you want to get kicked out?"

"shut the fuck up"

i come home, he's sitting in front of the house, and he says
"your a fucking idiot"
Me: dont talk to me Ryan
Him: YOu're a fucking idiot. why are you trying to get me kicked out huh? turing something little into somethign fucking huge?
Me: well maybe if you stopped threating to hurt me i'd stop. i take these threats serioiusly ryan"
him: when have i ever hurt you?
Me: hmm maybe when you fucking punched me in the face twice and left me with fucking bruises"
Me: Ryan your my big fucking brother, ACT LIKE IT.

Him:Youre no better than me, you're in your THIRD year of grade nine, You're a drunk, just like me, You're a fuckign mistake. Your never going to amount to nothing. YOur a fuckign failure. your a minitulive bitch, your NOTHING *points his finger two inchies from my face* YOUR FUCKING NOTHING.
lilly (my sister) agrees with me, even does mom.."

* i start to tear up*
him: you gonna cry now? huh? your just like fucking mom (he knows i despise my mother)

so i ran into my hosue crying, my dad asked me what he said and i screamed at him not to talk to me, and here i am now, locked myself in my room, and ui'm suppose to go to a fucking concert in less than an hour.

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