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Default Re: so this one night

Originally Posted by lilmandrewl View Post
i was at my firends house and i have thought to myself a couple times about if i was a homosexual, but the night we were there his older brothers friend who is only two or three years older than me came over with his girlfriend and we all went and got into his spa and while we were in there he kissed by friends older brother, and i always wondered what it would be like to kiss another guy, so i got next to him kinda like i was joking and he went to kiss me so i went towards him and we made out for a couple seconds and i enjoyed it a lot... i've also made out with a couple girls and enjoyed that too... the only reason i kissed him was to test my sexuality but now i'm even more confused than before... how am i supposed to tell? what am i? bi/gay/straight what?

please help...
I have no idea...You enjoyed making out with a guy, and a girl, maybe your just bi-curious because you like both but are too young to actually be sure...

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