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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Were you horny at the time, or got a boner within the last hour?
The reason that I ask this is it could just be something called blue balls, which can happen when you get a boner or get horny and you don't jack off to orgasm. Your balls could ache for as long as 10 minutes +

Although, it could be a growing pain. But if you get kicked in the balls that often, I think you should stop that, since first of all that means you're a loser () and second of all, it could damage your balls.
But random aching could be anything! As long as it doesn't really bother you or it doesn't make you clench them and fall over, you should be fine. Random aching could be caused from light trauma (jumping around, running, wrestling etc) or blue balls, like I said (which sucks, lol)
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