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Default Re: Does Penis Size Matter?

Originally Posted by monkeypee13 View Post
I think the only time it matters is when it comes to impregnating someone. The longer it is the easier it is for the sperm to get to the egg. Personally I think when you love someone it shouldn't only be because of a physical feature. Physical features should be the littlest reason why you love someone. But even with that belief I just feel like I want my penis to be bigger so I can make my girlfriend more happier even if she doesn't care about size I just feel like she deserves something like that. Well there's still at least three years for my penis to grow as much as it can till it's showtime.
I completely agree You're especially right on the fact that "the longer it is, the easier it is for the sperm to get to the egg". That's something I learned but was waiting to say until later.
Well anyway, well said
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