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Default Re: Attempting to quit porn

Originally Posted by Sexiijimmie View Post
Plus an article I read says that the stuff you see in porn will eventually channel into my everyday life. Meaning that because I am attracted to the guys in the porn, and i look at gay porn, will make me gay!

(HINT: I am beginning to see myself more attracted to guys, but I DO NOT want to be gay!)
Umm, nothing will make you gay That's highly controversial and it hasn't been agreed upon that something makes you gay. The whole gay community doesn't go around saying "ooh I watched gay porn so it made me gay but I still celebrate my pride!"

Now let me tell you something man, they don't mean that by watching gay porn, it'll make you gay. I'm gay. Now if that article means what you think it does, that means that if I watch straight porn, I'll turn straight (which, actually I have, and straight porn is nasty )

What they mean by "it'll channel into your life" is that you'll have porn on your mind a lot (when I watched a lot of porn, sometimes when I read an advertisement that said "we have pencils coming out our ears!" I'll accidently read it as "we have penises going up our asses!"
Another thing that watching a lot of porn does is it influences you. For example, if they cuss a lot in the porn, you might start to cuss a lot, almost for no reason at all.

The reason you're probably watching gay porn is because you're curious about guys. You could also be bi - who knows!

So as far as quitting porn, just try to get your mind off of it. If you watch a lot of porn (like all day), then that could be a problem, since you're spending the entire day watching porn!! Get a life!!

Instead, spend your day doing something else! Go to the gym, play basketball, lift weights, join Karate, play chess, play videogames, go shopping, run around the block, pick up some milk at the store. There's so many things that you can do instead of being on the computer that it's rediculous. And it's so much fun getting outside and exercising, it's not even funny! I think it's better than porn
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