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Default Re: Late developing, depression

Well it sounds like you just might not be that hairy of a guy! There's no order that you should grow - when people start puberty, they could see pubic hair first, or mood changes, or voice cracking, or penis growth. You could see any of those first, so there's no real "order" you need to grow.

As far as how big your penis is, it's not ALL that small at all! It could probably use a few more inches though. All of those questions are great, but I really needed to know how tall you are. With that, I can tell you if you're around the average adult height, whether you're that far behind or not, and whether it's just your penis that's left behind.
See, if you're around an average height, then it could just be your dick that's left behind in puberty. If that's the case, you've got about 3 years of puberty left, so there's lots of time for it to grow
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