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Default Re: Attempting to quit porn

I would highly suggest you stop lookign at porn. I know that after I stopped (which took me forever to actually quit) I felt so much better, and got a lot more self-esteem. And its hard to quit at first but each day u go w/o it the easier it becomes to go w/o it.
As for getting caught, you will. I got caught and I lost a lot of my parents trust and it took until now to regain it. (They caught me about 2 years ago.) I still went back to it and about 2 months ago my computer got a virus. I was able to get it fixed but it scared the crap out of me. That was the last time I ever looked at it and I no longer want to look at it.
And yeah, porn can make you perverted and that was a big reason why I quit. I saw what I was becoming and I didnt want to be like that. I looked at gay porn and did start to feel gay and be attracted to men. I ddint want to be that. (And by the way, there's nothing wrong with being curious. Almost every guy is. Pretty much anything sexual can turn on a guy. I'm not supporting being gay or anything cuz I actually feel its not right but every guy does get curious.)
If you have anymore questions feel free to P.M me! (And sorry to any gay people who may have read this. I have a gay friend and accept him for who he is, but I just don't feel that homosexuality is right.)

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