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Default Re: Attempting to quit porn

It sounds like you're being influenced alot by the things you're being told (like signing a promise in school not to look at porn, that it 'channels' into your everyday life, etc.). All of which sounds more like it's designed to fright you into avoiding porn rather than giving you the facts and letting you decide for yourself. It's no wonder that you feel guilty about looking at porn, and perhaps about your sexual desires, too!

For the record, looking at porn does not make you a 'pervert'. A pervert is someone who does something to someone else, usually without their permission, and when they are usually to young to understand the consequences of their actions and provide meaningful consent. Looking at porn when you masturbate involves just you, what you're viewing, and whatever your thoughts and fantasies are.

The real problem with porn is that younger teens don't have the experience to always know what's real and what's entertainment in the porn, and therefore are susceptible to believing that what they're seeing is actually what they should expect, not only in terms of how sex is done (and the sizes!), but also how people relate to eachother sexually. There's no evidence that looking at porn 'makes' you anything that you're either not already, or have the history that will make you that way with time anyway. You cannot become 'gay', 'perverted', or 'immoral'. All that stuff is too complex to be 'caused' by what you look at while masturbating. Think of it this way, if you watch South Park alot, you're unlikely to turn into a cartoon character, too!

That said, I'm not advocating you throw all caution to the wind and start viewing porn. What i am saying is that the reasons to not view porn have nothing to do with what it will 'turn' you into. Just how it might influence your expectations.

If you want to 'quit', maybe little self control would work. Just because you want to do something doesn't mean you have to!


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