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Default Re: Am I being a bad boyfriend?

No, you aren't a bad boyfriend. You're human. It's perfectly normal to feel that way and most couples do when they're separated. Every emotion you're feeling everyone has gone through at some point in a relationship.

But what makes you a good or bad boyfriend depends how you react to the situation. The best thing to do is to not let these feelings overpower you or get the best of you. You aren't a jerk for feeling sad when she's gone for an extended person of time. What makes you a jerk would be demanding she not go at all because you can't. See the difference? Internal emotions don't make us who we are. It's how we chose to act when we come across the emotions.

Whenever you feel that way try to talk yourself into thinking everything is fine, you trust her, the relationship is fine, you have nothing worry about, and look froward to her coming back, without getting too wound up on your emotions.

You aren't a bad boyfriend for feeling that way. Just don't do anything that would make you a jerk and just relax yourself.

Come to terms with that there will be some things that will involve her and her only that will make her happy and you can't always been included. She's an individual too who deserves her own happiness sometimes and I'm sure she isn't thinking "Oh I'm here having so much fun while my boyfriend isn't." She probably misses you too and you're just taking to heart her having fun as a way to spite you, when you know better that isn't the case.

Try to do something for yourself to make you happy. Maybe take this time to do something personal for yourself that can make you happy.

This situation (though torturous) can be positive to your relationship and make it stronger.

Just remember everything will be alright and it's just your fears talking most of the time when dealing with this.
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