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Default Re: Kinds of condoms?

So just to make sure, lambskin condoms can cause STDs itself or is it that lambskin condoms just suck at protecting against STDs?
No you can't get an STD from a condom. STD comes from an infected person. If you have sex with an infected girl and you use a lambskin condom, you will get infected. If you have sex with a girl with a lambskin condom and she's STD-free, you'll be fine.
Also since we're talking about STDs, there is absolutely no chance of someone having STDs is they have never had any contact with someone else's fluids other than saliva right
For most cases yeah. There's still a risk of getting poked by an unsterilized needle which can get the person an STD. Being sexually active with one person reduces your chances dramatically of getting an STD. There are still chances of getting one but the risk is minimal.
And just in case you talk about hereditary reasons well than those reasons shouldn't apply to me since if I inherited a STD when I was born I shouldn't be able to live 14.5 years right?
If you were born with an STD you and a doctor would have known ages ago and your mom/dad would have needed to have been infected - so I wouldn't worry about that.
Just to make sure we're both okay health-wise for sex we probably going to take a few medical tests so can someone explain to me what kind of tests do you take to see if you okay health-wise for sex and where can you go to take those tests?
The only tests you could get are blood tests which check to see if you have any STDs. I think it wouldn't be a bad thing to do. Doesn't hurt going to the health department to get it done. If you want to talk about sex and your health, talking to your doctor would be the best thing to do but more than likely if you're STD free you're fine but like I said never hurts to pay a visit to the doctor and getting a blood test.
If there's no problems health-wise than we can use a lambskin condom and my girlfriend will probably be on birth control so that'll take care of worrying about being in college while hearing the screams of our baby at night.
Yep, if you're using a condom and she's on the pill, that'll prevent pregnancy and covering both bases. Good idea for couples.
And finally at the end of the sexual activity I just have to take off the condom in the bathroom where I'm yards away from my girlfriend right after I ejaculate, wash my ding dong quickly but thoroughly, and than get back to her asap with boxers on and just relax together after a pleasurable moment.
Yeah as long as you withdraw from sex IMMEDIATELY after you ejaculate (otherwise the semen can spill) and you take off the condom nowhere near her, you'll be covered and safe.
Good plan yes?
Yeah very good plan, as long as she stays faithful to you sexually with only you as her partner, I think you two will be prepared and ready to go when you feel the time is right.

The only risk is she can possibly give you an STD if she sleeps with another guy unprotected then has sex with you. But if you trust her enough then I think you two will be ok.
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