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Default Re: Kinds of condoms?

Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
nonlatex condoms!
That wasn't exactly helpful.

Lambskin condoms are made from lamb intestines. They protect against pregnancy but not STDs. Your other option is latex condoms (which your girlfriend is allergic so doesn't matter to list). Latex is the most safe but lambskin can cause you to get an STD. That's also good you plan on using birth control. As long as you two stay faithful to each other and she doesn't run off with a guy and gets an STD, you'll be fine. It's a risk you will have to take being unprotected. You really have to trust her because your life could be on the line if you get an STD like AIDs. STDs aren't something you want to get.
when guys ejaculate do they have to go to the bathroom right after and take it off and wash himself?
It's best to take the condom off immediately after ejaculation and dispose it. You don't HAVE to wash - nothing bad to happen if you don't. Just take off the condom carefully and you should be fine.
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