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Okay, well first off, don't get upset over the physical things in your life so much. As for you penis being 2 inches, you can't change that and your going to have to wait for that. I'm sure your not the only one in your school that has a 2 inch penis. As for your weight, you do sound a bit overweight by what you've said. I would suggest you start excersizing, and eating more healty.

Also, just ignore the kids who make fun of you. They are just being mean to be mean, and if you show weakness, they are just going to continue to pester you. If you really feel the bullying has gone over the edge, tell the principcal, conselor, or a teacher you feel comfortable walking with.
thank you, but i have already tried ignoring the kids who make fun of me. it's tough because i'm just a freshman and all the senior jocks get the friends and pick on me. even one of my teachers likes to make fun of me, she doesnt do it seriously, but it doesnt make matters any help.