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Firstly, no one on these forums will EVER make fun of you! We're all here to help each other

Secondly, you just have to learn to not let those jerks bother you. I know how hard that is, but think of it this way: if they are such low-lifes that they have no other purpose than to thrive on other peoples' misery, why should their opinions count? You are a wonderful person and will continue being a wonderful person despite their taunts. And by showing them you're not bothered by them, [even if you're just pretending- I've done that plenty of times] you'll intimidate them and they'll eventually back off.

Confidence is the only thing that can help you here, and that's something we all as individuals have to find for ourselves. Just remember how much more substance and worth you have than any of them, which is why all those things they say don't matter. Hold your head high and proud- show them how much respect you deserve by respecting yourself.

In the meantime, find some close friends who will stand by you and send the same message- strength in numbers always helps, and it's just nice knowing there are people on your side
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