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I was talking to some friends via Facebook a few days ago about this jerkoff I used to be in love with, blah blah, you know the story. I'm not one to mope and feel sorry for myself, or be bitter about things past done or said, so I started reflecting and reevaluating. I realized that I was no longer living life to its fullest and for a stupid reason, and that I needed to pull myself together. Anyways, this isn't a poem or a story, more like...idk a motivational speech or something lol. But I thought I'd share because I really like it [I printed it out and hung it in my room]

You know the serenity prayer?"God grant me
the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the
courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom
to know the difference." Yeah, I'm absolutely living by
that. I've started going out on limbs, speaking my
mind, making an effort to change things I'm not
satisfied with instead of just sitting around letting the
suckiness of life steal all my hope away. At the same
time, I'm learning to not complain about things past
done, to not wallow in sorrow or wish or think, "wha
t if?"

I keep saying to myself, "What's done is done, and
there's nothing that will change it, so why dwell on it
and let yourself become cold and negative? Deal with
life and make changes yourself with a positive
attitude, one obstacle at a time, and nothing will ever
be able to defeat you. The only thing that can defeat
you is yourself- lack of will, lack of effort, lack of hope.
Keep these things alive and you WILL conquer all."

So that's my new outlook on life. It's good, I like it. I
can live a satisfied life like this and stay happy- not
because life works out for me, not because I get an
y lucky breaks, not because anyone helps me out or
does me favors.I am happy simply because I choose
to be. And that is all I have to remind myself of to
make it through the days, the nights, the troubled
times. And what's there to be unhappy about?
Well...I'm still here. I'm still strong. I'm moving on and
there's nothing that can hold me back except
myself, and myself is the one person I need to support the

So yeah, I'm gonna be just fine. I've come to terms
with this and yes, it sucks. But there's no such thing
as life without pain and sorrow, because without pain
and sorrow there can be no rejoicing or compassion.
So in a way, I'm grateful, because this is just one
more thing that has helped shape the person I am
and the person I'm becoming.

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