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Default Re: what types of guys to girls like?

There is no way anyone can possibly answer this question because every girl is differnent and thus has different likes and attractions. For example:

Stereotypical 'perfect guy': Ripped, hot bod. Fabulous blonde hair that he has a habit of casually brushing to the side. Deep, penetrating blue eyes. Tall. Confident. Laughs a lot, showing his perfectly straight, radiantly white teeth. Etc, etc, throw him on Baywatch

My Perfect Guy: Not ripped or hot. I'm just not attracted to guys with 6-packs and great pecks and all that jazz- a really fit body just doesn't do anything for me. The last guy I fell for was actually really big, and it's kind of a pattern for me- I like big guys. Also, he has to have FANTASTIC hair. I don't care what kind, color, or style, it just has to be wonderful. The previously stated guy had these gorgeous curls that were just a little lighter than copper, and one of them would sometimes fall on his forehead....*melts*

There's a lot more I could add to that, but I think you get the point. Every girl is different so take Tim [Fallstel] and Anthony's advice- find the girl, don't try to change the guy. If you keep trying to change yourself to meet girls' needs, you're never going to find "The One" because she won't ever be attracted to the real you, since you never let it show.
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