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Aw, thank guys .

I think i will put up more soon . I love writing things, especially short stories but i dont normally show anyone .
The reason i put this one up was cos my ex found it in my room when we were still together and read it (i was sooo embarrased, but kinda pleased that he had, cos i liked him and knew that if he were to see any of my work that would be the only way, cos i defo wouldn't show him myself). Anyway, he turned round after reading it and said something like "aw, you didnt tell me you were afraid of the dark" or something like that, i cant really remember exactly i just remember feeling so alone. He just didnt seem to understand and i was really disheartened...(hence the "ex" )
I just feel like i can be my own worst enemy and sometimes i dont even realise it, if that makes sense?!

Anyway thanks for reading it

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