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Default Re: If You Jack off Every Day... Help!!!

Originally Posted by dope View Post
those who jack off every day how much sperm do u get each day? when ever i jack off everyday i have a little.....if u have more sperm comin out when u play wit ur self every day much ?& how? really when i want to jack off every day i want to have a lot of sperm to com out of my dick......i love to play wit my self & cum every where , i love that sensation and when a ton of cum come s out of u ....i love it!!!!!. much is it 4 u? how do u think i could ejaculate more?
I'll translate for you people...

Hey you guys that jack off every day, how much cum do you shoot? Whenever I jack off everyday (For a week or something?) I have a little... If you have more cum, how do you do it? How Much? Really, when I want to jack off every day I want to ejaculate a ton of cum and make it go severywhere. I love feeling that. So anyway, how much do you cum, and how do I cum more? (Aside from saving it up?)

I did the best I could. It's not quite that hard to read!

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