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Default Re: Gym, Cardio anyone?

During the summer i dont usually go by days in a week because i go every other day. I switch my workouts around alot to challenge myself more and build faster but here are just some random things ill do.(lbs not kg so i guess cut it in half if u want metric) i max benching at 180 lbs (my weak ass chest)
incline and decline will usually stay around the same. When i curl ill usually do sets 8-10 50lbs, then ill do triceps with 170 lb pull downs and 140 lb push downs on tricep machine. Ummm, squat max 250 lbs, leg press max 550 lbs, and deadlift 285 lbs max. Don't really do much cardio which killed me last basbeall season, so im gunna be doing alot of that before spring.
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