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Default Re: How to tell parents...

Well, as I've said elsewhere, I think it's really important to be really clear in your own mind exactly why it is you're sharing this (or anything personal, for that matter). What's your point and what do you hope to gain? And, how will it help your relationship with them?

Telling your unsuspecting folks (of any religion, i might add) that you're a homosexual is somewhat like walking in with a gas can, filled right to the top, and getting their attention. Then, when they're watching you and waiting, dropping a match into it. It's pretty provocative, earth shattering, relationship changing info. Which doesn't mean that you shouldn't/can't tell, but you really need to give it alot of thought. It's not just about you, it's about them, too. Chances are you're going to want some support afterwards, for them to accept the info you've exploded in the room. And not just have them freak.

Think about what your goal here is, and maybe talk this over with someone and come up with ways of talking about it, and when. It might be better to spread out a number of talks with your folks where you're talking about 'How you feel about yourself' and 'How you see/experience yourself', but stopping short of dropping the match, maybe for a couple of talks, so they can hear you and talk with eachother, and maybe even get it on their own.

Alot of people might wait until their much older while they work thru all these other issues involved in telling their family, there's a reason you hear of people 'coming out' so late in life. Eventhough you might have accepted and come to terms with who you are, it sometimes takes a while to work out a plan (and the courage) to tell family members.

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