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Default Gym, Cardio anyone?

Hello, i'm 17.

I use the Gym 5 days a week, and use the free weights, Bench Press 'Machine' 60Kg, Shoulder Press (military press) 'Machine' 40Kg. I also do alot of Cardio. On a free weight (1 arm) i could lift 20kg, but this was doing a back and tricep pull up not so much bicep. Urm, i used to do a lot of Abs workouts, not so much anymore, in fact i haven't done so in over a month. I've recently started doing more weights on my chest. Still trying to find the perfect routine and build pure muscle mass on my chest.

So what do you lot get up to? in the gym? outside the gym? where ever

Intersted in weightlifting? fitness and cardio training? add me to msn =] [email protected]

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