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Default Re: Masturbating with Friends

I don't think you can 'turn gay', in much the same way that a gay can't 'turn straight'. You are who you are, regardless of the sexual experiences you might have (or want to have). Likewise, there's a diff between having an urge (like wanting to compare), and experiencing yourself as 'gay'. One's about curiosity, maybe a lttle competitiveness, the other's about how you see yourself and other people, who'd you want to have a relationship with. it's a lot different.

Eventhough a certain amount of curiosity and same sex play is normal, you might also want to take into consideration how you'll feel afterwards. Alot of times, guys are just so horny that they cannot stop and consider the potential consequences of whatever it is that they so urgently want to do, but it's those after effects that most remember. So, if you're not the type to feel okay doing something that 'seems gay' (eventhough it doesn;t make you gay), then you might choose to not do those things. Sometimes, curiosity is easier to live with!
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