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Exclamation Not sure what it is.

i need sme advice for my friend.
this is kinda hard to explain but here i go...

My friend finds when she's with her other friends and they eat, she can't. She said she panics and becuase of that she gets sick. The only people she can actually eat around is me (i've known her for most of my life) and her family.
She's losing alot of weight and she's scared becuase she doesn't understand what it is. Her mom took her to her doctor and he kept hinting if she had a eating disorder but she said she doesn't, he doesn't know what wrong with her. It's really starting to scare her and now me, i've never seen her so upset and scared of anything this much. Everytime one of her friends askes her to sleep over she panics, then can't eat and gets sick. Her mom thinks it's foolish and it's in her head. The problem is, it is in her head and she doesn't know why, she doesn't think she's fat, she just panics when she trys to eat around her friends. She really wants to see a psychologist but her mom wont take her. Her mom said not to think about it but it doesn't work, it seems like it keeps getting worse. We're both scared and i don't know what to say to her or what to do.

is this a different type of eating disorder? if anyone knows what it is or been through it please help.
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