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Default Re: Have some questions

There's always a risk in self diagnosis of getting it wrong, even with research online. It takes a professional to properly diagnose anything as complex as Bi Polar. it's too bad you freaked when you saw the doctor, he had a good chance of properly diagnosing what you have and then treat it. Consider going to another. They're there to help you feel better, not just throw you into a psychiatric hospital!

Let me try to answer these questions as best i can (and again, i have to thank my Dad the Shrink for some of the answers).

First, Bi Polar in teens doesn't have the same symptoms as either you'd think from the name, or what you know/may have seen in adults. That's because brain chemistry and development is different with teens than adults, and BPD is a brain ailment.

The major symptom of Adolescent BPD is volatility of mood. Not 'moodiness', but intense, out of control moods accompanied by fits, outbursts of irrationality and unreachableness. Dad says it's very intense and disproportionate to anything going on. Not at all like mood shifts/swings, etc.
He says it's like comparing chocolate to heroin.

The other thing he said is that BPD runs in families very strongly. If one of your parents or Grandparents has it, you might. However, if no one in your family has ever been properly diagnosed with it, the chances of you having it are very slim.
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