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Exclamation self-conscious, and ruining my life.

I need help badly.
Over the past year i've come to find myself extreamly self-conscious. Whenever someone gives me a comment about how i look, i atomically shoot it down.

I can always find negatives in the way i look and i can't see any positives. It's gotten so bad that when my boyfriend talks about another girl, i somehow find a way to twist it in my head so that i find myself having to compete with them mentally. I guess the best way i can put this is... you know those pretty girls on shows that go to get all kinds of surgery? i always hated them, i always wanted to shake them and tell them how pretty they are, but when they look in the mirror they see and ugly monster. i know how they feel now.

I know he loves me and whould never leave me for another girl, but i find myself constanly competeing with them becuase i don't find myself pretty, i think i'm fat and they are pretty and everything i'm not. Every time i think about it, it makes me upset and it's ruining my life...

I just wanna find a way to love the way i look and overall, learn to love myself. If anyone has gone through this or has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
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