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Not if you're misinterpreting them, which I think is very possible. I've seen it happen all too many times [sometimes in myself]- you believe you have these monumentally strong feelings for this amazing person who seems to have been lifted straight out of your greatest dream or fantasy, only to realize a few weeks later that there was never anything there and that you were imagining it.

I think we, as people, want so badly to love and be loved that we sometimes fabricate feelings and attractions in order to satisfy ourselves. You couldn't make a bigger mistake that acting on these pseudo-attractions because soon you will likely find that you have invested your feelings in someone you don't really care about and don't at all know.

My advice: wait to act on anything you're feeling. Get to know her more. You may find that as you do so, you start liking her less and less. This was me a couple months ago- I thought I was smitten with this boy I'd just met, but a week after confessing my feelings to him, I realized I didn't actually know anything about him and didn't really like him at all. It's a really good thing we didn't start dating. So yeah, just try and become her friend first, start building a foundation upon which you may someday be able to build a relationship, or may not. Don't be rash like I and so many other people have been.
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