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Originally Posted by crumbs View Post
Maybe you should read posts a little more carefully before blasting a poster? Especially when we're arguing the same thing. The point I was drawing is how the latest pro-circumcision arguments (such as "it decreases the risk of AIDS!") hold no water.

Australia/Europe = 90% uncut, low HIV/AIDS rates
USA = 90% cut, highest HIV/AIDS rates in the Western world

Wouldn't the HIV/AIDS rates be reversed if uncut guys were more susceptible to STDs than cut guys? Thus I don't see how anyone can argue that it's more dirty or unclean to be uncut, and it's sending a dangerous (and untrue) message to boys by saying getting cut protects you from diseases (it doesn't change a thing-- if you stick your doodle in the wrong place, you'll pay for it, foreskin or not).
Your post was confusing, your statistics don't really support your arguement. You're trying to say that having foreskin=less AIDS? ok...? maybe they use more condoms, or don't have as many partners.

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