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Ok, thank you for telling me that =]
It seems a bit strange that you were shaking and having chills. If you ate a light breakfast, then you might of had low blood sugar and started shaking, feeling dizzy or get a headache. You could of also have allergies, which could of contributed to the headache.

As far as the stiffness and muscle aches, a lot of us get this because we slept in a weird position and especially after you do exercise that you're not used to, and the stress could of contributed to it.

Since this is just the first day, don't worry about it. It could be all fine tomorrow or Wednesday. Just take it easy and make sure you don't do anything too physical to agrivate the whole thing, get enough rest and eat a good breakfast to start the day off. If this keeps happening after a few days and you feel like you might pass out during school, tell a teacher or your parents.
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