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Default Re: Sexiest Guy In Your Mind

DANGIT YOU BEAT MEH TO THIS THREAD! Ah well... Anyway, here's my perfect boy in fine detail.

My boy is a nice choclate brown. Not too light, but not too dark. He has hazelnut eyes, black hair, and he's 11 years old. (I know I won't get any kid that young. But I can dream, can't I? :grin Anyway, back to my dream boy.

He has a perfectly toned physique, with no fat whatsoever. He's 4'9" He has flat, pure black nipples with a tiny tiny point to them. He has an 8 inch penis (When he gets older of course! Right now it's 4 in. of course.) The bottoms of his hands and feet are pure white. Never red or yellow-ish.

His face is smooth, with small-medium lips that are just slightly darker than his skin color. His arms, hairless of course, are thin, yet slightly muscular. His fingers are medium-long, with short, cut fingernails. He wears glasses. He has trim, toned legs, with small feet, and medium length toes.

He is willing for sex, but knows when to stop. He is submissive and shy, yet stands up for himself in tight situations. He would cry on my shoulder when he's sad. He would love to hug and kiss me, but like I said earlier, knows when to stop.

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