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Default Re: Masturbating with Friends

First of all that is your choice on whether to do it or not and i dont think we are supposed to give advice on that sort of thing but it does not make you gay to want to compare sizes. It is only natural that you want to see how your peers are compared to you. Its called the curiosty stage and most guys will grow out of it by your age but there is always the chance that you are gay or bi and if you are then there is not much you can do to change it. But dont worry most likly it is just curiosity. If you find that you have no sexual interest in girls then you might be gay. If you have sexual interest with both guys and girls you might be bi or curious. If you are not sexually attracted to guys then your are likly to be straight.

if you are having gay tendencies but find them gross then chances are you are just curious about what other guys got down there and that ou are straight.

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