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Question Masturbating with Friends


I am new to virtualteen and I have alot of questions and here's one of them. I am 16 years old straight male and I live in CA. I am with the waterpolo team and I play the trumpet. One day when I was in the locker room changing into my speedos before the game starts, one of my straight teamates ask me if I wanted to be part of a circle jerk (masturbating with his friends and some teamates) after the game. I was not sure want to say, so I said nothing. I wanted to say yes but I was afraid that it might turn me gay if I did it.

What should I do? Should I say No/yes the next time he asks? Should I say Yes/No if he doesn't ask the next time? What usualy happens in a circle jerk? Is it gay to want to be in a circle jerk and want to compare sizes?

There is this one teammate, and every time he wears his speedo, he always has a big bulge. At times you can see the length of PEN15, and its always about 4" non-erect. I will like to see it erect.

DOes this mean I am turning gay?
I hope not, I had gone out with 2 chicks and I'm in a relationship with one right now. And love every thing about girls.
I don't see myself in my future to be in a relationship with a male.

Please answer my questions I know it is alot.



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