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Default wat stage

im 13 im about 5"2 almost 5"3 and i have some armpit hair very little though but i have noticed that my balls are getting big i mean there about a quarter in size mabey bigger and my penis is startin to grow it is now at 4.9 in also i have little pubic hair but now im happy to say my dad is about 6"2 and my generation of boys on my dads side of the family are both over 6"4 there my cuzins my dads cuzins blood realted are 6"10, 6"4, 6"6, 6"3 6"7, 6"9 thats my dads generation my grandpa is 6"1 and were the family gets its height from my great grandpa who is 6"6 so im think i goin to be tall but wat stage am i in of puberty o and also i get my dads everything u no plle say i look just like him so i get alot of my genes from him

also my leg hair is like black so does this mean my armpit hair will be black
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