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Originally Posted by Fruity Drink View Post
You sir have NO clue what you are talking about! No offense...

HIV/AIDS is a blood disease, it can be spread through blood, and genital fluids.

Having a little extra skin around your penis (which is completely natural.. you're born this way) has NO correlation to HIV/AIDS. Please, don't spread your ignorance on these forums, I do not appreciate you misinforming minors like this.
Maybe you should read posts a little more carefully before blasting a poster? Especially when we're arguing the same thing. The point I was drawing is how the latest pro-circumcision arguments (such as "it decreases the risk of AIDS!") hold no water.

Australia/Europe = 90% uncut, low HIV/AIDS rates
USA = 90% cut, highest HIV/AIDS rates in the Western world

Wouldn't the HIV/AIDS rates be reversed if uncut guys were more susceptible to STDs than cut guys? Thus I don't see how anyone can argue that it's more dirty or unclean to be uncut, and it's sending a dangerous (and untrue) message to boys by saying getting cut protects you from diseases (it doesn't change a thing-- if you stick your doodle in the wrong place, you'll pay for it, foreskin or not).
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