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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by crumbs View Post
If uncut was so dirty and "disease-ridden" then wouldn't Europe/Australia/Asia be riddled with foreskin-related medical problems? AIDS? HIV? Instead, it's the total opposite, and the USA (the only western country still routinely cutting) has the highest western country rate of HIV/AIDS globally.

I hope people can put two and two together on this one. Especially when you consider the profit margins made from offselling foreskins to pharmaceutical companies.
You sir have NO clue what you are talking about! No offense...

HIV/AIDS is a blood disease, it can be spread through blood, and genital fluids.

Having a little extra skin around your penis (which is completely natural.. you're born this way) has NO correlation to HIV/AIDS. Please, don't spread your ignorance on these forums, I do not appreciate you misinforming minors like this.
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