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Default Re: Poem called 'Small Chav' tell me if it good or not

Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.? View Post
i think i will reply to this one as well
Ok with the grammar, i know i'm not good at grammar thats a good point... but i am dyslexics but i have reading capabilities above my age but not spelling. But im sure the stuff i write down is easy to read anyway even without the grammar ... i'm sure people can just look around stuff like that its not a hard thing to do.
No spell check was used in this poem because the badly spelt lanuage became part of it as if I spoke like a chav with all the avivations.

It's one thing to talk the way the character talks, but there are times when spelling changes aren't necessary. Like "blud" or "U" or "bak."

This poem has emottions in it hatred and revenge if you read it those emotions are hinted at... at the point of writing this poem i was angry at 'chavs' so i covayed it in the poem in a ovious way.

The only hatred or rage I find in this isn't sincere. It really comes across to me as ignorant arrogance. And I'm not quite sure I understand you- what anger is it you're trying to convey? The anger of the chav, or your anger towards the chav? I can see the former, but not the latter.

The one in my sig is emo crap and convays nothing important in its message it is not art.

Uh huh. Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. And if it's crap and conveys nothing important in its message, why are you displaying it for all to see?

Thank you for your reply i'm sorry if i came off annoyed in this comment i'm not, i'm just trying to improve my work.

You're welcome, and you didn't come off annoyed.

I also refuse to edit this comment because i am dyslexics and i had tried to do better at spelling and i have improved greatly and so people can put up with my spelling ...and also i can't be stuffed at the moment i'm sure everyone can read it even with a few spelling mistakes.

I'm not saying you should edit your post, I'm saying that as a poem, a work of art, that should be edited. A piece of writing that has bad grammar simply because you didn't correct it is like...a bicycle without the spokes in the wheels. Sure, it's still a bicycle, but it doesn't really work. If you have trouble with spelling and grammar, ask someone for help, or edit it in a program like MS Word. If you're trying to improve in this area, you can't just throw up your hands and say, "Hey I'm dyslexic so it's just gonna be bad and people will have to deal with it." If you're serious about your writing you'll go to any extra lengths to make your creation the best it can be.
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