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Default Re: Should the gay bar be an official forum?

It woulda been nice if we got an update in this thread about how the idea went through officially

And I still think there's a problem - first, Ashley's "Concerned about your Sexuality?" forum doesn't really fit the shoe of an official forum and I think it could be a lot more simple. Second, why do we have just one GLB moderator? Seems like we should have a strong GLB force in there, with at least 2 GLB mods. Third, there are more than 15 threads in there that need to be deleted because

1) there's spam posts that weren't deleted in the first place,
2) they give a bad image of that forum,
3) All those threads that James made were way personal and fit for a diary, not an official forum and make it seem like people can go creating a whole bunch of threads about their story, and
4) There's many unmoderated posts such as "can I have links to a site that has shirtless guys?" or "does anybody live in the Oklahoma City area? If so, PM me and we can chat, I'd like to meet up..." that just haven't been deleted, or at least locked since the forum was created!
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