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Default Re: Masterbation / Gay / Bi / Straight

how old r u?- 14
how often do u masturbate?- 1-2 times a day
do u look @ porn wile masturbating?- sometimes
are u gay/bi/st8?- bi
have you masturbated with friends?-yes
have u masturbated your friend?-not yet
do u look @ gay porn? sometimes
do u use jackinworld masturbation tips?- once in a whole
if i asked u to masturbate....(not saying i want u 2) in front of me would u?-if i knew you and liked you
if i asked u suck my dick would u ?- same as above answer
would u sleep naked with a friend witch is a boy?- maybe
what do u think of when u masturbate?-crushes, sex
where is the most craziest place u have jacked off?-my friends moms bed lol
do ucompare dick sizes with family members?friends...yes or no?-friend not family
how did u find out about how to jack off?i just did it

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