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Default Re: Scared that im going to do it soon!

Whatever your planning to do...DON'T!
I'm glad you've come here to help yourself. Your first step would be to try and indulge yourself with some sweets. If it helps you eat, then any kind of food would do.
Second of all, don't take any kind of drug to help you sleep, no matter what anyone says. A lot of people who use prescription drugs to sleep usually becom addicted. It's not advisable and could make your condition worse. Try meditating or reading. It may help you relax and you may get some slumber.
Thirdly, lock away or throw out anything sharp. Or, try and cut less and less each day. If you do dispose of anything sharp, deposit it at a pharmacy so the environment doesn't suffer.
Fourth, seek further help from a counselor or a private doctor.
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