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Default Late Puberty...

Well...This is my first post and I have been getting very nervous. You see, I am 16 years old and I feel like I am very underdeveloped for my age. I have a few pubic hairs but they are sparse and I don't really get boners or ejaculate. Is there anything I can do or is there something wrong with me because it really makes me feel embarrassed when I have to change for P.E.

Like I said before, I don't really have boners and I am just getting nervous about my body and development. I cannot masturbate because whenever I feel aroused it dies out and goes to normal. I feel that my testes are small and not growing. I heard that when they largen, it is the first stage of puberty and that hasn't happened to me. How late is late in LATE puberty?

well sorry for all the questions...please help.

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