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Default Safety comes Last?

I was just thinking that there are people out there that cut. And I know why and I feel their pain. A lot of people who cut may still want to continue their life. I know sometimes I feel like I want to die. I've tried a few times. Anyway, I've cut too deep a few times and couldn't stop the bleeding. I'm careful not to cut arteries or veins (I'm an artist and don't want to lose use of any of my hands).
The times that I cut too deep and lost too much blood, I felt really weak, I didn't want my mum to know how deep I cut and so I didn't call the hospital. Instead I ran into my bathroom and ran my cut under cold water. It stopped bleeding as fast and then I wrapped a bandage around it.
Soon after, I felt a feeling of euphoria and adrenalin. Anyway, sometimes after cutting, i can't use a few of my fingers. And sometimes the nerve in my little finger twitches. It's quite funny. I proably cut a tendon or something without realising it. I just want everyone to know, that there is a chance that just one cut can change your life.

To this day, I still cut, but I don't cut on my writing hand just in case.
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