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Default i need help, i cant ask my friends because theyre sick of me and my complaints.

alright. sorry its so long, but i skipped a lot of lines. and there are a lot of important plot points.

i met a girl i absolutely liked in 4th grade. well, i moved acorss town and started going to a new school, so i just figured she was out of my life.

i met up with her again in 7th grade, since its in its own building, and the principal was ridiculously stupid, the students were mixed up to different sides of school and well, we never see anyone at all inbetween classes.

well, 8th grade came along. i had a crush on her again. she didnt feel the same way so i gave up. but then people told me to ask her out so yeah, we went out. went out about 3/4 weeks and then she broke up with me.

we tried again, lasted 2 weeks. then it was over.

one more time, 1 week and a half. she called it quits.

last time. 5 weeks. and it was over.

so, i got over her. she went out with my best friend. i got jealous-ish and wanted her back. so, she broke up with him, and went back out with me.

went for about a month.

then i had a vacation to honduras planned.

when i got back, i told a friend about the trip, and she told my girlfriend.
well, she assumed i cheated on her.

which i dont understand because i dont speak spanish, and everyone there speaks spanish. so i had no one to talk to.

but then she dumped me and that was it.

9th grade started, everything was fine, yeah yeah yeah
end of the year, i started having feelings for her again

i want her back so bad, but i dont think she'll go for it again.
we talk on aim/myspace, and i just keep falling for her.

she tends to tease me with it too, she'll be all nice and flirty, then all angry and hateful, but then go back to flirty.

i REALLY want to go back out with her and i REALLY love her a lot, but yeah. its all been screwed with.

so, any suggestions? anything that wont ruin our current friendship?

please and thanks, yo

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