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Unhappy Girlfriend trouble

I have 2 thngs, im not sure if the second proplem is releative to this sub-forum, could a mod tell me if its not? thx ! xx

1. As always, theres this girl who im going out with, but my best friend loves her too, and he admitted hes jealous, i could go as far as to say hes envious.
Anyway, i can tell just how jealous he really is, he'll do anything to get her. heres another thing, my best friend also acts so gay! even my mom says "oh your acting like ????!". my bezzie, yeh he has friends but he really is a puff, i could go as far as to say i think he might turn out gay! anwyay, bak to the main problem, i dont know what i should do! should i spill my heart out to my gf, to my bezzie? help from both girls and guys much appreciated!

2. normally i seem to be pretty popular in school, but aat the end of the summer holidays i start a new school. i know a few people from there, they all seem to hate me because im an emo, i dont know what i should do! i know what i will do if i dont get a better idea, ill just tell them straight, "yeah im an emo and yeah im proud of it!" but i could do with some feedback, is it worth taking the risk???

thx if u reply! xx

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