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Default Re: Have some questions

As you are undoubtedly aware, we can only give our opinions and facts about bipolar disorder. I urge you to try speaking with your doctor again.

Originally Posted by Miss.Suicide View Post
1. Can you ever have long periods of time/short periods of time where you feel pretty normal. Like not depressed and not hyper active ?
Yes those with bipolar often experience periods of "normal" mood which can last for any length of time.

Originally Posted by Miss.Suicide View Post
2. I have a really common thing where I just rant about something. All this random stuff just keeps coming out of my mouth so quickly I don't even think about what I'm saying its just so automatic. It's normaly either me telling a random pointless story of something that happend (true things) or me complaining about something really small that really bugs me. Most of the time my friends just laugh when I do it... well I can see why I'm sure it's really funny.. but all of them say that I do it so often and it's very much something they associate me with. I was wandering if that might have anything to do with bipolar ? (Also I do it on MSN messenger, i start typing extremley fast sending hundreds of messages in minute all me ranting about something without thinking)
Speaking at increased speeds is a symptom of bipolar though it may or may not be the case with you.

Originally Posted by Miss.Suicide View Post
3. When I get hyper (mania ?) I don't tend to do things that people would concider dangerous... like I wouldn't try to jump of a high building thinking I would be fine or something, the most dangerous thing I'v ever done is run accros a road when theres no traffic lights ... I just kinda walk into the road and hope I can dodge any cars. (I generaly tell people I do that because I hate waiting for the lights and people also seem to associate me not waiting and walking into roads with me). I also don't have too many symptoms of mania, I mostly get very hyper and run around and shout really loudly, talk very fast and laugh for so long at very small often un-funny things. I often walk straight accross roads, rant off about everything/anything/nothing. I tend to start wandering why I was ever sad/depressed, why I ever felt like that and wander how I could have thought that I had a horrible life and that from now on things will change and I will feel amazing all the time, but then that doesnt happen and I get depressed again and think goodnes how did I think I had changed (sorry if that bit was confusing). So do I actualy get manic or what ?
Levels in the severity of mania vary from person to person. Do you drink or abuse drugs? Do you put yourself in other potentially dangerous situations?
How would you describe your perception of objects, people, colours, sounds, taste, or life in general when in this frame of mind?

Originally Posted by Miss.Suicide View Post
4. I sometimes get so angry or I feel like I should be very angry but I can't see that I am.. it's really hard to explain. I also get very very irritable and the smallest things annoy me.. I'v started crying a few times because stupid things got to me and I'v got really mad at people because they said something / did something that just pissed me off so much. I'v never got so mad that I'v thrown chairs around or shouted at a teacher or something drastic I just feel extremly pissed off and want to shout but I never seem to... I'm not sure if that has any significance ?
Some people experience this instead of or along side with the elation of mania. It could be of significance or it may not be.

These could all possibly be symptoms of bipolar, but see your doctor for a more definite answer.

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