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Exclamation Ed Stelmach warns premiers to back off Alberta

EDMONTON -- Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has warned other provincial leaders he won't tolerate any of their attempts to "gang up" on the energy-rich province and its climate-change policies at next week's premiers summit in Moncton.

"The message is very clear: Don't mess with Alberta," he told reporters in Edmonton yesterday. "Alberta's boom is Canada's boom."

Mr. Stelmach is expecting other premiers to press him to adopt tougher environmental rules, such as moving toward a system of hard caps on greenhouse-gas emissions, when it comes to battling climate change.
Earlier this year, Mr. Stelmach rejected outright Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's proposal to set up a national cap-and-trade agreement that would limit greenhouse-gas emissions. The system would allow companies that pollute too much to purchase credits from those that meet their targets or come in below them.

Mr. Stelmach said Alberta has to take a "pragmatic" approach to fighting climate change because it needs to take into account the province's booming oil and gas industry, which he added also benefits the rest of the country economically.

The Progressive Conservative Premier said it's unfair for other politicians to focus on Alberta's environmental plan because it is "further ahead than anybody else" when it comes to adopting provincial climate-change legislation.

The Council of the Federation is set to meet Aug. 8-10 in Moncton.
Issues such as energy, climate change and trade are at the top of the agenda for the premiers meeting.

Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason said it's troubling that Mr. Stelmach, who became Alberta's Premier last December after Ralph Klein retired, is travelling to next week's summit "with a chip on his shoulder."

He said the provincial Progressive Conservative government's current environmental policies and legislation are weak and ineffective. "Alberta has to provide some real leadership and just not go to Moncton looking for a fight."


just so were clear
Ed is NOT liked in Alberta
like the majority of Americans don't like Bush
well the majority of Albertans don't like Ed

I agree the economy is very important
but Alberta is probably the only provience that has the cash to do the inital investing into green fuels like biodeisel, hydrogen, ethanol...etc.....
Alberta could really boom if we only put the inital investment in
stuborne ass fool

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